Saturday, July 11, 2009


And so begins my summer quest... The Sketchbook. I'm jumping back in after an 18 month sabbatical. It was a surprisingly hard leap, considering how much i've been looking forward to it. After some consulting with friends, i have some ideas, and I'm excited. I got a set of watercolor pens and a new book and I'm ready to go! Here's a first attempt:

Ok. So, it's more like "Paint-booking" but. Fa. I really love paint.

Anyways. My dad is the king of Ebay and he found me a cool new phone for a dollar. More information at my fingertips than I could possibly know what to do with. It has a calendar and to-do list and seems to say: You wil set goals! You will achieve them! You will not waste time! etc. Very motivational.

I'm trying not to let it down.


madi said...

cool!! is the white a prisma?

Will Strong said...

Very nice there. I love the transparent layers showing through.

Jake Wyatt said...

THAT is an awesome treatment. I maybe a little bit want to be you.