Tuesday, September 22, 2009


For our current project in character design we are following the "Skillful Huntsman" process of design... which means... silhouettes. This is the first stage of an assignment that will last a couple of weeks. We had to come up with 8 silhouette designs for each of the four characters. Today in the critique, the Ryan chose the one that's going to be developed over the next two weeks.

These are some that I liked but weren't chosen. It was a cool assignment. Very stress free. I have like 20 pages of these guys littering my bedroom... but it was fun.


Female Construction Worker



It's late. I'm still up because I just watched Coraline , and while a super cool movie... umm.. I was rather afraid for that little girl. CREEPY villain. I liked the movie. I just don't want to dream about button eyes.

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Jake Wyatt said...

Nice spacemen!