Monday, February 01, 2010

Fly By Night

My latest assignment was to design a book cover. I chose the book Fly By Night which I am also using to work environment design.

I had a lot of fun experimenting on this peice... I sacrificed my dictionary and thesaurus to create the texture, and I decided to use acrylic paint... which I thought I would never use again after the epic Christmas Card Disaster several years ago... But. It turns out I LOVE acrylic paint. All the best parts of oil, all the best parts of gouache. ah. Love.

I was told I should document some of the "process" that goes into illustration.... Basically I start out with pages and pages and pages of stuff like this:

Until I can do a final drawing and eventual painting. It's kind of a lot more wok than one might think.

Anyways. Here's some environment studies for the other project I'm doing with FLy By Night:


Tiffany Strong said...

Simini that is beautiful.

Jake Wyatt said...

Coolest process ever.