Friday, April 23, 2010


Sketchbook doodle inspired by How to Train Your Dragon. Man I loved that movie.


Will Strong said...

Ahhhhhh, he's so stinking cute. I want one. I think the fact that he's socially awkward makes him even cuter.

M.R. Weaver said...

AW I love his face.
I'm so glad you saw and loved that movie! It needs all the lovin it can get.
Yeah, I like how awkward and nervous he looks, kinda like a bird.

Jenna Krewson said...

I just creeped all the way back to before you left for Uraguay. Simini, you're so danged talented (though that's no new realization). I love it all, especially Alice and the paintings of your sibs y tu hermanita. Is Disney knocking down your door, yet?

Glad to see you're still having a blast doing what you're so fantasmic at.


Tyson Murphy said...

haha this is really great!

Jake Wyatt said...

THAT is super fun.