Monday, March 28, 2011

Lu'au Fanart

Last week was the BYU Lu'au. I danced in the Hawaii and New Zealand sections. I am not a very good dancer... lack of coordination and consistent stage fright do not combine favorably. But I had a lot of fun anyways. Even if I can't do it well, I really enjoy hula. It's just so... pretty. And actually quite spiritual, the way it tells a story. It makes me happy in my heart, to watch or dance. Or draw, in this case. I mean, can you find better material for gestures anywhere?

So today after a frustrating battle with the perspective monster, I decided to do some sketches of our dance, which I have been meaning to do since last week. And then a watercolor. I love watercolor.

It was a pretty good afternoon, all in all.


Joey Majdali said...

I also love watercolor. This is the bomb! Nice expressive poses. Also, I love the smile.

kwistin said...

i thought you'd end up painting it. :) seriously love these. i can't believe you did them from memory.

and i'm proud of you for dancing in the lu'au! most people who have a combination of stage fright and lack of coordination wouldn't have done it...but i'm so glad you did. and you did well!

you also had a very...pleasant expression. ;)