Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

... Late. This took me a bit longer than I thought. Oops.

As a little girl I was really into bunnies. Really really into bunnies. I'm told I had a veritable posse of imaginary pals which I referred to as "My Bunny Friends."

For Halloween when I was four, five? I was, you guessed it, a bunny. So I had this costume. One day, not halloween, I came downstair ready for kindergarten dressed in said costume (along with my favorite pair of cowboy boots) and announced to my mother "Some days I just feel like bein' a bunny."

My mom shrugged and said "Ok" and let me go. The teacher took me around to show the other teachers and principle and everyone. I felt like a rockstar. Or the five-year-old equivalent.

My mom recently posted a picture of me in this costume on facebook, which brought this memory to mind, and made me appreciative of the kind of mother I was blessed with. Also I thought it might be fun to draw.

I am so grateful for my mother. She is the greatest example of love and service that I have ever known. She filled our house with music and pets and art and fun when I was growing up. She's always supported me in whatever I chose to do, chose to be. Be it bunny... or pony rider... or veterinarian... or artist.

I love you Mom. Thank you for everything.


Will Strong said...

Some days we all feel like being bunnies.

Nice greens by the way. Very nice.

Scott C. Gwynn said...

Thank goodness for amazing mothers!

I love your finished illustration! There seems to be something more to it than usual...

kwistin said...

this post is...perfect.

LOVE the painting. and the story. and the heart behind it.

Hilary Lemon said...

Mwahaha, more fodder for my magnum opus: Sometimes I Feel Like Being a Bunny.

madison said...

simini, i LOVE this!! :D soooo fun!! :)