Tuesday, October 04, 2011


For Richard Hull, brilliant illustrator and beloved professor, who retired this past semester.

I'm sorry for all you students who won't have the privilege of learning from him... I am much luckier than you.

Thanks for everything, Brother Hull. I hope you enjoy the plein-air painting!


Will Strong said...

This is great Simini. I did a tribute piece for Richard too, but mine didn't turn out nice enough to share with the masses.

I dig the fish a lot.

Will Strong said...

And you're right. Richard Hull is just about the best teacher I ever had.

Scott C. Gwynn said...

I miss him already. I passed one of the illustration classrooms the other day and thought I saw him. So I poked my head in, but it was just some stuffy jerk I'd never seen before.

The image is great Simini.

M.R. Weaver said...

Bweehhhh this is adorable! •w•

kwistin said...

oh! i love this. i super miss him. i got to pick sam weber up from the airport with bob and some other girls tonight; i realized that a lot of the conversations and stories that came up were about brother hull. i'm sure he'll never really understand what an amazing impact he had (and still has) on so many.

thanks for posting. :)

Katie Bevan said...

So cute! Are we still doing the collective group sketch book for Bro. Hull or did I miss that boat?