Thursday, April 12, 2012


"And it's hard to dance with the devil on your back."

From the Florence and The Machine song, "Shake It Out." I wanted to do a set of illustrations contrasting the hope and despair, and I guess those inner happenings of one's mind, that we are often so not aware of in others, or may not feel we have control of ourselves. It's a concept that's been on my mind for quite a while, and I finally feel more comfortable attempting to illustrate it out. Anyways. This is part of that. Flip-side to come.

And because it's semi-related... I thought I'd link this trailer for the documentary "Miss Representation" that recently came out. I watched it the other day and it was fantastic. Very informative of a pervasive and destructive problem in our society, that effects both men and women. And I liked this documentary especially because it didn't just point out the problem, but suggested things we can do, which is empowering. So if you get a chance to see the film, do it!

(in case I should give warning, includes some examples of offensive media portrayal of women, as... it's a film about the destructiveness of those things)


laurenetay said...

Thanks for sharing, Simini. Really inspirational stuff!

Matthew S. Armstrong said...

yikes! scary ... but so very very well done!

Heather said...

this is amazing sim.

Anonymous said...

Hi... just want to say I love your artwork, and that this piece is truley amazing. It perfectly conveys the despair that we sometimes feel within ourselves and I keep coming back to look at it. Really great job! I would love to see the flip side of hope! :)