Sunday, May 20, 2012

Harry Potter

Some Harry Potter spots...

It appears I may never grow out of my Harry Potter fanart phase. I also feel compelled to say that I DO paint/draw things that are not fanart. But I find it takes me a a lot longer to finish them and let them out into the world (unless I have a deadline of course... I'm pretty good at deadlines :D), so in the meantime, fanart. Plus I wanted to try my hand taking some piece to a finish in black and white. It's been a while.


Anonymous said...

So nice. What brushes do you use? And do you ever plan on making a tutorial on your style?

Anonymous said...

I deeply worship your Hermione hair. It's amazing. :)

Also, as you must know, your style is absolutely charming. It's endearing in ways that both remind me of the golden books of my childhood and ways that feel completely fresh and new.

That's probably very hard to do :)

Nicely done, you.