Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Movie night with dad... circa early 90's. I've always really loved watching movies with my dad, because of how much I could tell he enjoyed them. Like, he genuinely laughs out loud at the funny parts, even when we were little and it was a constant fare of kid shows. I remember him truly loving Babe. It wasn't something I noticed in other adults. When Netflix became a thing I always looked forward to hanging out with my dad and watching whatever had come in the mail. It's still an activity I look forward to when I go home. 

Anyways. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers. Especially to mine- I love you! and I miss you. 

(Also, apologies to Charlotte and Cameron who are not in this picture. I originally planned to paint only me and Dad, and then decided it needed more people so Dalton and Landen snuck in... but I'd already painted me at an age where you didn't exist yet. oops. So.... next time...)

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Claudio Cerri said...

I LOVE your works. I follow your blog, see you soon!