Sunday, June 19, 2011

For Great Star

In the 90's the YMCA had a Daddy-Daughter program known as "Indian Princesses" (later discontinued for its umm... questionable political correctness). Every couple weeks, the Dads and daughters would meet together in their local chapters to participate in various activities. And every few months you'd get together with other groups for big camp outs. You also got and indian name and a special leather necklace that you decorated with your symbol and worked towards earning beads to string on it.

My dad, a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, was Great Star. I was Bright Star. We had corresponding necklaces decorated with puff paint, and every few weeks we'd go to the meeting with the other girls and dads from my neighborhood. When it was our turn to host, he'd help me make and deliver themed invitations. We camped. We earned beads. We designed the most aerodynamic, hot-pink pinewood derby car to ever hit the track. It was a great time.

I don't remember a lot of the specific activities, what I do remember is doing them with him.

Thank you Dad, for that. To me you will always be more than great.

Happy Father's Day, all you fathers.


Aaron Ludwig said...

I love these personal family histories. Thanks for sharing, Simini.

Anthony Holden said...

Thank you for this.

Jenna Krewson said...

LOVE that I stumbled across this. What a great gift for your pop. My favorite memories were the camp outs in which our dads handled both the manly camp duties and the typical mom tasks - including meticulously working a comb and bright plastic clips to tame my mane. And the s'mores, of course.

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