Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh, Owl.

So, at Avalanche, some days we do exercise/challenge to "warm-up" for 30/40 minutes (Yes, as you do in sports. But more... sedentary). This week one of the exercise was to choose a piece of provided reference and design a character based on that animal. I chose and the barn owl.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I'm loving my internship. I still can't really believe they let me go in and work there everyday.


kwistin said...

ha! love it. he has a lot of personality.

and...sedentary? i dunno...i could see you just start hula-ing all over your desk. simmer down, girl. simmer down. :)

Will Strong said...

Love how you live your life. It will make you happy.

Congrats by the by.

JAKE said...

I'm glad you love the internship! Also, that is the most woeful owl I have ever seen in my entire life ever.

It's deliciously sad.

Jess said...

That owl is adorable Simini. You are probably the only one who can't believe they let you work there. Everyone else knows how amazingly talented you are.

madison said...

Simini!! this is awesome!!