Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beatrix in Marchesa

A picture of this dress from the Marchesa Fall 2012 collection showed up on my tumblr feed, and I thought, I must paint that. Because if I were the type to run through fields in a ball gown, this would be the one.

Also inspired by the song Beatrix Runs by Elizaveta, which I happened to be listening to.


L!$@ said...

Sweet painting. I love seeing your work pop up in my feed.

kwistin said...

i kind of love everything about this.

...yup. just pinned it to pinterest so i can look at it all the time.


Stephanie Marshall said...

this is Awesome! I'm a big fan of the killer geese chasing her.

Shelley Whiting said...

This artwork is very enchanting and stunning. She is elegant and charming. A beautiful and imaginative work

Paul Mann said...

I watched the whole love love the red gown at the end. I like how you interpreted the colors and shapes of the fashion line into your piece!